Appalachian Hammock’s Original, 1st Setup, April 2013

I was blessed winning a brand new Appalachian Hammock Original hammock during the raffle at the recent 1st Annual Smoked Butt Hammock Hang.  Thanks !

And, I won a full suspension set from BIAS Camo polyester straps, 4-carbon toggles, and a pair of whoopieslings  Thanks BIAS!  You guys Rock!

I’ve been waiting for a day to head out to the Piney Woods and set up all this new gear.  Finally, with rain coming this weekend – a Sunny Spring Friday presented the opportunity.

So I Headed over to Uwharrie National Forest for a short hike and some gear testing and took along a coyote brown OES MacCat standard tarp.

The weather was perfect all day.  I took a short out-and-back hike from Yates Place trail connector down south to the intersection of Dutchman and Uwharrie trails.Connector trail

Trail junction Uwharrie and Dutchman- North

Noticed this on the way back… EEK!  Lions and tigers and bears – Oh MY!


After the hike it was time to test out the new gear!

The Appalachian Hammock’s build quality and whipping is first class.

Quality construction

The BIAS camo poly straps were easy to work with and gripped the trees perfectly.   I used the new BIAS suspension but instead of using the toggles I MSH’d the straps to some  Nano 23 carabiners – tied as close to the tree as possible – and then attached the whoopies to those Nano 23s.  Next I setup the hammock and began fiddling…

The  Appalachian Hammock Original hammock is constructed using a single-layer 1.9 ripstop and it’s calendared too.  Oh yeah, the fabric has a DWR coating as well.  Well made, moisture resistant, and sturdy too.

I measured the hammock and calculated an 83% ridgeline length.  Then attached a UCR for an adjustable structural ridgeline.  After measuring the hammock  I found this one’s finished length between the suspension loops was 10’4″ (124 in = 315 cm). That yields an 83% ridgeline of about 8’7″ (103 in = 261.6 cm).  Well, if my calcs are correct that is!

Next I used The Ultimate Hang Calculator on the iphone to dial-in the tree strap heights and suspension lengths. Once those straps were moved to the correct height and the whoopies were adjusted to make the entire suspension the correct length, the 30* hang angle takes care of itself.

Whether mistakes in my measurements and calculations, or who knows what, the ridgeline, originally, caused a wall on one side and a ridge under my thighs… neverfear!  After loosening the ridgeline to make it a bit longer both of those disappeared – YEA!  Very Comfortable lay!  Ahh-h-h… listening to the breeze in the trees…

well made and sturdy

Mmm-mm-m, so comfortable in fact that I woke up about half hour later !

Finally, I installed the OES MacCat using dutch stingers with a two-piece suspension.  I believe this one has a 10’5″ ridgeline  (125 in = 317.5 cm).

AH Original with OES MacCat Std

Next I started the fire and grilled a Bacon Cheeseburger – YUM!!

Of course that required another short nap…  Nothing quite so nice as a day in the Piney Woods with some quality hammocks and tarps ;))

another sweet nap

I can attest that BIAS makes a worthy hammock suspension system and Appalachian Hammock makes some high quality gear.  Thanks again to BIAS and AppalachianHammock for donating prizes to the 1st Annual Smoked Butt Hang!

Here’s a gallery of all the photos (including duplicates etc.) for your review:
[nggallery id=4].

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