Multicam Blackbird, 1st Setup, 2012

Been wanting to setup my new Multicam Blackbird and finally had a chance to do just that while on the way home from work today .

– YEA! – So. I walked around the local park looking for a suitable place to hang the Multicam Blackbird –

Finally, i walked across a field and i spied this little bit of trees to try the setup in…

Multicam Blackbird, hides pretty good...








Oh, wait… it’s already setup — see it? Hides pretty good doesn’t it.

 (click any image to view larger)

So here’s a closer view

And another close-up too!

Course, Every camo Multicam Blackbird needs a great camo Hex tarp, in porch mode, to go with it (This one’s the JRB Hex Tarp, in camo).

Oh and – Thanks and a shout-out to” Rockdawg69″

for his prize donation at the recent Greyson Highlands group hang

– I won these Neato Camo Tarp Skins Rockdawg made!

Thanks Rockdawg – you ROCK! (that guy’s a good chef too!)!

They look sweet deployed over the tarp, me thinks!

Well, If’n thats not enuff; here’s a photo gallery of all the shots taken today.

…Sorry, my photography is most unprofessional…

More bad photos and worse may follow…

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